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Wahsega 4-H Center: Food Service

Additional Food Service Information

Meal Counts

Seven days prior to your event, we will need an accurate count of the number of people you expect at each meal.

Dietary Restrictions

Individuals in your group who observe dietary restrictions for any reason can be accommodated at no additional charge if you notify us ahead of time. Communicate the needs of individuals in your Environmental Education Field Study group by using the Notification of Dietary Restriction form or by contacting our EE Program Coordinator. Conference groups should notify our office of all dietary restrictions.

Eating on Time

Make sure that members of your group are present in the dining hall at the beginning of the meal times if they wish to eat. We allow a late arrival to a meal to eat if there is any food left to serve and others are still eating.

Adults Eat First

Ask youth to invite adults to go to the front of the line at meal times to give them more time to eat. This reduces the chance that KP cleanup will be delayed by adults who are still eating.


Lengthy announcements and meetings should be planned for assemblies in the Rec Hall rather than during meal times in the dining hall.


You may serve snacks between meals or you may contract with Wahsega to have them served. Napkins, cups, plates, utensils, and other supplies are not available from our kitchen for snacks unless this service is included in the contract. Do not serve snacks or drinks in the Recreation Hall.


A coffee maker and supplies are available on the Dining Hall front porch 24 hours per day. Adult guests are welcome to brew coffee at any time.