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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education: Trip Planning Guide

Important Notes for Teachers


Each learning group needs at least one chaperone. Our staff will not teach a group that does not have a chaperone present. Cabins will need to be chaperoned by members of your group as well. Wahsega does not provide cabin counselors.


Phones for adults to use are in Pavilion 4 and the First Aid Station. A phone is not available for students. Cell phones will not work at Wahsega due to our extremely remote location. Plan to use a calling card to call long-distance. We sell calling cards at our cost for $6 (60 minutes). Please don’t request to use an office phone except in an emergency.


Access to our office computers is not available. Wireless access over WiFi is available near the office building for iPhones, iPods and lap top computers.


Most school groups choose to give their students nametags to wear. Wahsega does not provide nametags and does not require them.


Please enforce the rules for students listed on page 20. Lights out is 11:00 p.m. You may want to impose a few other rules or remind students of your school’s rules.


Parking is limited, so please encourage carpooling if your group is not using buses.

Damage Fees

A schedule of damage fees is posted in each cabin. The fees for damages, if any, will be assessed on the last day of your visit and billed to the school.

Use of the parks in Dahlonega


Because schools may not arrive early, some teachers like to go to a park in Dahlonega for a picnic lunch before arrival.

  • The DAHLONEGA CITY PARK is suitable for a small group. It has a small restroom, four or five covered picnic tables and playground equipment. There is adequate parking for a bus or two but not extensive parking. Reservations are required but usage is free. You must call ahead to reserve the Dahlonega City Park for your group. Call the Dahlonega City Hall at 706-864-6133.
  • YAHOOLA CREEK PARK is also available. It is a large park with pavilions, trails, picnic tables and plenty of parking. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day. No reservations are required but the pavilions are provided on a first come first served basis unless a $15.00 fee is paid to reserve the pavilion. Call the Lumpkin County Parks and Recreation Department at 706-864-3622 to make reservations for the Yahoola Creek Park.

Going north on Georgia 400, turn left where 400 ends, this is GA 60 North. It goes directly to Dahlonega. Near Dahlonega, there is a Shell station on the right at the top of a hill. Chestatee Regional Hospital and McDonalds are on the left down the hill from the Shell station.

  • To DAHLONEGA CITY PARK: At the stoplight at the bottom of the hill, turn right onto U.S. 19 & GA 60. Go less than a mile. Turn right onto Riley Rd. The ball field is on the left. Follow Riley road around and behind the field. City Hall is directly ahead and the Park and Recreation building will be on the left. Proceed to City Hall. The public park area is on the right as you face City Hall.
  • To YAHOOLA CREEK PARK: At the stoplight at the bottom of the hill, turn right onto U.S. 19 & GA 60. Go less than a mile. Pass Riley Road and take the next left onto Mechanicsville Road. The park is about a mile down and the road dead ends at the park, so you can’t miss it.


If anyone in the group has special needs, we recommend that the group leader visit Wahsega ahead of time to determine if we can meet their needs.

Custom field study schedules

We can provide more or fewer meals or classes in your schedule to fit your students’ needs more closely. There is no premium fee for this service. Call us for a quote.

Exclusive use option

Exclusive use of the center during a 4-H Environmental Education field study is available. A premium conference fee is assessed for groups that request this service. Call for an exact quote.

Religious services

We will work with you to schedule times and provide facilities to accommodate religious practice or events. To avoid scheduling conflicts with other groups, mention these needs to the Program Coordinator when you make class selections.