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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education: Trip Planning Guide

Guidelines for Chaperones

At least one chaperone stays with each learning group and is present in classes at all times.
Our staff will not teach a class without a chaperone present. If there are several chaperones assigned to a learning group, please keep conversations at the back of class to a minimum.

At least one chaperone is required per cabin.

Enforce our rules and any rules the school has in place.
See Wahsega’s rules.

Assist children with first aid and emergencies.
The First Aid Station is located in the Canteen building. A nurse is not on duty. We ask that chaperones help children with first aid needs. Feel free to use our supplies. Please log treatment provided on the clipboard on the counter in the First Aid Station. In an emergency, dial 9-911.

Supervise the students during free time.

Assist with KP, bathhouse cleanup and camp cleanup.
Wahsega staff will direct these duties, but chaperones are required to be present and assist.

Make sure that students clean their cabins and pass inspection before checkout.
Cabin cleanup takes place on the morning of your departure. Cabins should be clean and empty. They will be locked up before breakfast that morning by our staff that comes by to inspect. There is a list of cleanup tasks in each cabin. It is helpful to have the students pack up the night before.

Be positive.
Students will adopt your attitude.

Cell phones won’t work at Wahsega.
Cell phone service is unavailable at Wahsega because we are in an extremely remote location. We offer the use of two landlines, which you have access to 24 hours a day. These phones are located in the First Aid Station and in the Pavilion 4 kitchen area. Dial 9 to get an outside line. We are not in the Atlanta Metro local calling area, so you’ll need to call collect or use a calling card for most calls. We sell calling cards from either our office or the Canteen store. WiFi enabled cell phones are able to get internet access in an area near the office.

Coffee is available at all times.
At the dining hall entrance, there is a coffeemaker that chaperones may use at any time to brew coffee. Directions and supplies are provided. Be eco-friendly by bringing along your own travel coffee mug. Students are not allowed to have coffee.

Please carpool.
If your group is traveling in personal vehicles rather than buses, please make plans to travel in fewer cars if possible. There is limited parking at Wahsega.