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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education: Trip Planning Guide

Emergencies and First Aid

First Aid Station

Wahsega does not provide a nurse on center. Minor incidents can be treated in our First Aid Station 24 hours a day. It is at the end of the hall in the Canteen building.

We are only allowed to stock Ace bandages, band-aids, water, soap and ice packs. We are not authorized to stock or dispense other supplies or medications.

If you provide first aid, please complete our Incident Report Form located on a clipboard in the First Aid Station.

Medication should be left in the care of an adult. Refrigerators are available in our First Aid Station and Pavilion 4 for medication that needs to be refrigerated.


On-center Emergencies

We will help you obtain emergency medical treatment for students if necessary at the hospital in Dahlonega.

Be sure to bring the proper paperwork with you to Wahsega when you come. Our office does not collect permission slips for each child.

Wahsega is not responsible for your group’s medical insurance. Inexpensive insurance is available through your local Cooperative Extension office if desired.

We strongly recommend that an adult drive a vehicle to Wahsega that can be used in an emergency.

If we need to evacuate the 4-H center, or respond in some other way to an emergency, officials from the 911 Center will advise us. Lumpkin County Emergency Services has a County Emergency Operations Plan to provide services to residents, tourists and residential education facilities like Wahsega.


Home Contact Person

It may be wise to designate someone not on the trip as a Home Contact person. Leave emergency contact information with this person. Let the school know who they are and distribute their phone number in a letter sent to parents. In an emergency, your Home Contact Person can call Wahsega’s office number during office hours. After office hours, the contact person can call the Lumpkin County 911 Center. Either the 911 dispatcher will attempt to contact us from a list of contact numbers we have on file or they will dispatch a sheriff’s deputy to drive to Wahsega to find us and deliver the message.

  • Wahsega 4-H Center Office – 706-864-2050
  • Lumpkin County 911 Center – 706-864-3633

When necessary, a Home Contact person can also relay messages from you while you are here to the proper individuals at home if you are having trouble contacting them. In addition, if the school office is closed, bus breakdowns or other problems can be communicated through a Home Contact person.