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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education: Trip Planning Guide

Bus Driver Information Form

Print this webpage or download the PDF version of this document.

This information may be useful for bus drivers.
Note: Please do not use GPS devices, Google Maps or other electronic mapping systems. They provide the shortest route without regard for road quality. U.S. Forest Service roads in the area may be almost impassable. Furthermore, online maps of this area have mislabeled road names.

Contact Information    
Contact person: _______________________   Phone: 706-864-2050
Group Name: _________________________   Email:
Office phone: _________________________   Web:
Cell phone: ___________________________
Email: _______________________________    

Pickup point: _______________________________
Departure from pickup point: Day: ___________ Date: ___________ Time: ___________
Drop-off point: Wahsega 4-H Center
Expected arrival time at Wahsega 4-H Center: ___________________
Note: For 3-day programs, please do not arrive before 1:30 p.m. without prior approval.

Pickup point: Wahsega 4-H Center
Departure from pickup point: Day: ___________ Date: ___________ Time: ___________
Note: Please plan to leave by 12:30 in the afternoon if you are here for the 3-day program.
Drop-off point: ______________________________
Expected arrival time at drop-off point: ___________________

Getting to Wahsega
Use the bus route marked on the map below rather than going through downtown Dahlonega.

Expect a gravel road
Wahsega 4-H Center (a.k.a. Camp Wahsega) is off a narrow winding gravel road, Forest Road 28, one mile from the end of Camp Wahsega Rd.

Entering the center
Our driveway does not have separate entrances and exits and is only one lane. Therefore, to exit without a problem, drivers should pull past the entrance and then back down the driveway.

Parking on center
While the parking lot is small, a number of buses can park side by side without a problem.

No idling engines
Please turn off engines immediately upon arrival rather than leaving them running.

Mileage and Map KeyMap Key
12 miles to Wahsega from the downtown square
14 miles to Wahsega from Wal-Mart
9.5 miles to Wahsega from the beginning of Camp Wahsega Rd.
5 miles to downtown Dahlonega from the end of GA 400.GA 400 to Wahsega 4-H Center Map

Park Detail map