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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education

About EE Field Studies at Wahsega 4-H Center


  • To develop an awareness, knowledge and appreciation for the environment
  • To cultivate curiosity, critical reasoning and evaluation
  • To develop positive relationships among students and their teachers
  • To make the school program more meaningful by applying knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real life situations
  • To provide experiences in using scientific processes, such as observing, measuring and classifying
  • To develop self-confidence and physical fitness
  • To develop appreciation for the local and natural history of an area

Status Report

  • One of the nation’s largest residential environmental education programs
  • A program of Georgia 4-H under Cooperative Extension at the University of Georgia. It was first implemented at Rock Eagle 4-H center in 1979. Over 750,000 students have participated in the program from 500 different schools, representing six Southeastern states.
  • Program now established at five 4-H state facilities representing "living laboratories" in the mountain, coastal, and piedmont habitats of Georgia.
  • Forty to forty-five seasonal staff are hired annually as 4-H Environmental Educators to assist the visiting classroom teachers. Classes at each center are taught cooperatively by on site staff and teachers from the school.
  • The 4-H Environmental Education Program serves more than 37,000 students each school year.

Would you like more information?

Contact Adam Rolwes, our Environmental Education Program Coordinator at:

Wahsega 4-H Center
77 Cloverleaf Trail
Dahlonega, GA 30533
Phone: (706) 864-2050