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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education

4-H Environmental Education Rates

Environmental Education Weekend Rates
Priced per person

Note: The rates listed below are only for Weekend 4-H Environmental Education field studies at Wahsega 4-H Center. These rates apply to each child* and adult in attendance. Teachers, chaperones and parents pay the full rate charged per person. The Zip Line and Climbing Wall classes are extra.

Description Price Notes

3-Day field study

$150.00 Three days and two nights; includes 6 meals, 6 day classes (1 taught by teachers from the school), 4 night classes (2 taught by teachers from the school).
2-Day field study $100.00 Two days and one night; includes 4 meals, 4 day classes, 2 night classes (1 taught by teachers from the school).
1-Day field study $50.00 Includes lunch or dinner and 3 day classes.
Custom Schedule  

Custom schedule options are based on the rates listed above. Call for a quote.

Exclusive use option  

A premium conference fee applies** to groups that request exclusive use of the center during a 4-H Environmental Education field study. Call for an exact quote.

Zip Line and Climbing Wall Surcharge $9.00 Charged per participant per class in addition to the field study fee listed above.

To make reservations call (706) 864-2050
or send an email to

*Younger children/siblings who must accompany parent chaperones during an Environmental Education program will be charged as follows:

Ages 0-2 Free
Ages 3-5 Half Price
Ages 6 and up Full Price

**How is the premium conference fee for the exclusive use option calculated?
This premium conference fee is the difference between the actual attendance number and 150 multiplied by the agreed upon rate per person. There is no exclusive use fee for groups of 150 or more. Call (706) 864-2050 for an exact quote.

Revised: December 2016