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Wahsega 4-H Center

Environmental Education

The Georgia 4-H EE program uses the outdoors as classrooms without walls to provide overnight academic field studies for students in public, private, homeschool and home-based learning in grades K-12.

Participants report an increase in 1) student relationships with their classmates; 2) student relationships with their teacher; 3) environmental awareness; 4) environmental behavioral intent; and 5) connectedness to nature.

Trip Planning Guide

Here is everything you need to know to plan an Environmental Education field study at Wahsega 4-H Center. Download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the Trip Planning Guide.

Check out this great video that details our facilities and preparing for your trip here:


4-H Environmental Education Enhances Student Learning

Teachers, students, parents and administrators need to know why Environmental Education is important. This download answers that question in an easy to use Word document format. Feel free to use our text in your presentations on the importance of environmental education experiences.

$10 Days

We are now offering a $10 trip to Wahsega! Your trip includes 2 classes that are 1 hour in length. Schedules easily fit into most school days. There are limited times and days available for this new program so contact our Environmental Education Program Coordinator, Adam Rolwes, at 706-864-2050 to plan your trip.

Homeschool and Home-Based Students

We welcome homeschool and home-based students and their families.

Please contact us to plan a 4-H Environmental Education Field Study for your children or homeschool organization.

Georgia 4-H EE is a National 4-H Science Program

Georgia 4-H EE field studies help prepare the next generation of leaders in science, engineering and technology. Learn more about National 4-H Science.

Rate Schedules

Field study package fees for:


Class Listing

Day and night classes with short descriptions of each class

Spring 2017 EE Staff

Our Spring 2017 Environmental Education Staff are:

Samantha Brzenk
Erika Dukes

Tom Flynn
Annie Harmon
Ashton Kell

Matt Purucker

Callie Simmons
Photos and biographies

T-shirt Gallery

We have a number of different t-shirt designs available in the Canteen. Contact us for information about special orders for your group.

Buildings and Grounds

Wahsega 4-H Center has just the right facilities for your students' outdoor education experience.

Job Opportunities at Wahsega 4-H Center

Want to work in Environmental Education at Wahsega? We have openings.

About Georgia 4-H Environmental Education

Diane Davies started 4-H Environmental Education field studies in 1979 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center; now it is the largest program of its kind in the nation. [ Read more >>