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Wahsega 4-H Center: 4-H Club Events

A Trip Planning Guide for 4-H Club Events

Note: Use the resources on our Cloverleaf Camp page if you are coming to Wahsega for your county's week of Cloverleaf Camp.

About the Online Trip Planning Guide

This Web page is the only version of our Trip Planning Guide for 4-H Club events. We do not have a hard-copy version of this guide. Everything you need to know to plan a visit to Wahsega for your club is either available on this page or via links within the text which will take you to other pages on the site.


Trip Preparation Check-Off Sheet

We recognize that getting your Club here takes a lot of planning. In this section, we've included a checklist of a few of the items that you will need to take care of before getting here. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Reserve cabins for your visit
  • Make transportation arrangements
  • Plan a Parent Meeting about the trip
  • Host the Parent Meeting
  • Get a check cut for the 10% deposit
  • Send in the signed contract and deposit
  • Recruit chaperones
  • Designate an emergency contact person (who does not go on the trip, but who can contact us in an emergency)
  • Collect 100-A's and B's
  • Collect money
  • Set up educational class schedules with our Program Coordinator, Adam Rolwes, if you are planning to have us teach classes for you
  • Make requests for special services or meals for members with special dietary needs
  • Pay 10% deposit
  • Plan a chaperone Orientation Meeting
  • Host the chaperone Orientation Meeting
  • Review rules with club members
  • Review the "General Information for Parents & Youth" section of this Planner with your youth
  • Make all assignments
  • Plan to have check cut for remainder of fees
  • Plan to purchase T-shirts if desired
  • Make name tags if desired


Reservation Procedures

  1. Pick dates to attend.
    Check the Georgia 4-H Calendar to make sure there are no conflicts with the dates you are expecting to book.
  2. Contact Wahsega.
    Adam Rolwes, Environmental Education Program Coordinator
    Wahsega 4-H Center
    77 Cloverleaf Trail
    Dahlonega, GA 30533
    Main Phone: (706) 864-2050
    Fax: (706) 867-2901
  3. Book in advance.
    One-year advance booking is not only available, but it is also common. Cabins are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so make reservations well in advance. Wahsega 4-H Center will not take reservations more than one year in advance.
  4. Read, sign and return the contract & deposit.
    We will send out a contract to be signed and mailed back after you or your group's representative calls and requests to be placed on the Wahsega reservations calendar. A 10% deposit is required.
    Note: Reservations are only secured after the signed contract and deposit is received in the Wahsega office.
  5. Write or email us if attendance numbers change.
    Additions to your reservation numbers may be possible. Call us to see if we can accommodate youth who are on your waiting list.

    The first 10% drop from your original numbers is accepted as normal. No fee will be assessed. In addition, no fee is assessed for cancellations if you notify us in writing 120 days (4 months) or more before the first day of your trip. Notification of cancellations of more than 10% of your original numbers between 120 and 60 days prior to the scheduled trip will result in a $10 per person charge; less than 60 days is a $25 per person charge.

    We reserve the right to reduce the total number of cottages assigned to a group when actual attendance is lower than that originally estimated.


General Session Information for Agents & Leaders

The following information is provided for Agents & Leaders who are planning to bring a group to Wahsega. A separate Trip Planner is available for summer camp. Some of these topics are mentioned again in the section for parents and youth.

Educational Class Option

If you are planning to have our 4-H Environmental Educators teach some classes, approximately 3 weeks before your trip to Wahsega, the Environmental Education Coordinator will contact you to set up a schedule.

Student/Instructor Ratio

During a visit to Wahsega, youth will be divided into learning groups for their classes. The number of youth per group, and the number of groups will depend on the number of youth attending.

Note: We attempt to keep the student/instructor ratio well below 25:1.

Name Tags

This is an optional item. Most large groups of youth do wear name tags since the volunteer chaperones may not know everyone's names. It is an aid to our staff, as well.

Enforcing Wahsega's Rules, 4-H Rules, Curfews & Lights Out

The "General Information for Parents & Youth" section has a list of rules we would like you to help us enforce while you are here. Our curfew is 11:00 p.m. but you can move it to an earlier time if you like.

Parking Vehicles

Cars should be parked in parking areas only. Vehicles are not allowed in the cabin areas, Rec. Field, or the areas around the Rec. Hall.

Phone Usage

A phone is not available for youth to use. Cell phones will not work on center because we are in a valley (although pagers will sometimes work). A phone is available for adults to use in the Pavilion 4 Kitchen. You will need to call a toll-free number to access a calling card service in order to call long-distance.

Damage Fees

A schedule of damage fees is posted on the back of each cabin door. The fees for damages, if any, will be assessed on the last day of your visit.

Cabin Cleaning

Upon arrival, you and a Wahsega representative will check all cabins assigned to your group for pre-existing damages and cleanliness. Please sign off on the cabin damage report before youth move into the cabins.

On the day you leave a Wahsega staff member will come around to check the cabin for cleanliness and damages. 4-H'ers must return to clean the cabin if it fails inspection.

Trash and Recycling

The grounds need to be kept clean during your group's visit. Please encourage 4-H'ers to recycle aluminum cans and plastic water bottles and to throw trash away.

Those not participating in bathhouse clean up on the day you leave will help clean up the grounds. All trash should be picked up from the grounds and in the creeks and placed in the dumpster behind the dining hall. All pavilion and Rec. Hall garbage cans should be emptied. Pavilions need to be swept out.


Special Services

Youth or Adults with Special Dietary Needs

Our kitchen manager is an experienced food service provider and can accommodate any special dietary needs your group has. Our staff will cook special meals for vegetarians, persons with food allergies or religious dietary restrictions at no extra charge.

Note: We need at least seven days notice to order special foods.

Kosher Food Service

Kosher food service can be arranged. We have several options for accommodating kosher Jewish groups or individuals. Let us know when you book (or as early as possible) that you require kosher meals and we will work with you to make arrangements for your food service.

Quantity Orders for T-Shirts

We are now taking quantity orders for this T-shirt design. Shirts are $10.00 each, $2.00 off the regular Wahsega Canteen price. Other designs are not available for quantity orders. To pay for T-shirts, bring an additional check with you made out to the Wahsega 4-H Center Canteen.


Guide to Youth Assignments

Learning Groups

The Environmental Education Coordinator will calculate the number of Learning Groups needed for your event if you wish to reserve instructors for educational classes. You are responsible for dividing youth among the groups. Please divide them as evenly as possible. Learning Groups of significantly different sizes will not be allowed because they tend to cause friction among the groups and detract from the experience of everyone.

Cabin Assignments

Divide the 4-H'ers among the cabins provided for your group. Children and adults must be segregated by gender regardless of the age of the children (except infants). Be sure to put at least one chaperone in each cabin. Wahsega 4-H Center will assign actual cabin numbers to your group and communicate these to you before your visit.

Kitchen Patrol

Wahsega's staff will assign KP duties based on a rotation of cabin numbers, which will be given to you. When the KP bell rings, it is important that club members report to the dining hall. Please ensure that everyone knows when they have KP.

Bathhouse Cleaning Duty

Youth should keep the bathhouses tidy and clean. There is no cleaning service that will clean the bathrooms during your visit. On the day of departure, youth should clean the bathhouse and wait on an inspection to be performed by Wahsega staff members. Youth will be told if they need to return to clean further. If the bathhouse is sufficiently clean, it will be locked. Youth may use the restrooms on the side of the dining hall for the last few hours of their stay.

Note: Adults must be assigned to supervise cleanup. All cleanup is to be done by youth with adults supervising. Wahsega staff members will be present to provide cleaning supplies and give direction to youth assigned to clean the bathhouse.

Cabin Cleaning

All youth should be prepared to help clean the cabins on the last day of the session. See the "General Session Information for Agents & Leaders" section for more on cabin cleaning.

Trash and Recycling

All youth who are not assigned to bathhouse duty will help pick up trash around the center and in the streams on the day of departure. See the previous section for more information.


Emergency Procedures

First Aid Station

Wahsega 4-H Center does not provide a nurse on center. Minor incidents can be treated in our First Aid Station. It is at the end of the hall in the main office building. While individual offices are locked after hours, the front door and First Aid Station is open 24 hours when guests are on center.

We are only allowed to stock Ace bandages, band-aids, water, soap and ice packs. We are not authorized to stock or dispense other supplies or medications. We will help you obtain emergency medical treatment for students if necessary at the hospital in Dahlonega.

Please complete the spaces on our Incident Report Form located on a clipboard in the First Aid Station if you give aid to anyone. Even if all you do is give out a band-aid, you still need to make a note of it. This information is vital if questions arise about care given weeks or months after the incident.


You should plan to accommodate youth who take medication. If a child is taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, it should be left with an adult who will oversee its use. A refrigerator is available in our First Aid Station for medication that needs to be refrigerated.

On-Center Emergencies

100-A and B FORMS
Be sure to bring the proper paperwork with you to Wahsega when you come. Each child's authorization to be on the trip should have proper signatures.

So that you have immediate access to transportation in an emergency, we recommend that an Agent or Leader drive a vehicle to Wahsega that you can use as opposed to just bringing a bus. If this is not feasible, a Wahsega staff member may drive a youth to the hospital. While a Wahsega staff member may drive, a responsible Agent or Leader must be present to take responsibility for a 4-H'er who needs medical attention.

Please notify the Environmental Education Coordinator or the Camp Manager if there is an emergency or a child is taken to the hospital while you are here.

Home Contact Person

It is wise to designate a person who will not be on the trip as a Home Contact Person. Leave emergency contact information with this person. In the case of an extreme home emergency at night that requires contacting a member of your group, your designee can contact the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office and they will get in touch with us. If the emergency is not after office hours, they can simply call the main camp number.

Wahsega 4-H Center - (706) 864-2050

Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office - (706) 867-9247

When necessary, a Home Contact Person can also relay messages from you while you are here to the proper individuals at home if you are having trouble contacting them. In addition, bus breakdowns or other problems can be communicated through a Home Contact Person.


General Information for Parents & Youth

The following section is for all guests. We recommend that you share this information with your club members and their parents as well as the chaperones planning to come with you. Some topics in other sections are duplicated here.

What to Pack

  • Pillow and sleeping bag or twin size sheets and covers
  • Towels & washcloths
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Daily change of clothing
  • Old shirts & jeans (for ropes courses)
  • Jacket or sweatshirt (for cool mornings and nights even in the summer)
  • Rain gear
  • Shoes:
    • To keep dry - Wearing wet shoes or sandals all day causes blisters. Bring a pair of shoes that you can keep dry.
    • To get wet - Stream Ecology class and playing in the falls and creek are fun activities. You will need need to wear shoes to participate in them, though.
  • Sun block
  • Plastic garbage bag (for wet clothes)
  • Water bottle
  • Money for the Canteen (Plenty of change for the drink machines)

Note: Label clothing and personal items.

What Not to Bring

  • Shaving cream (Damages due to shaving cream will cost $175!)
  • Chewing gum (Damages from chewing gum cost a lot too!)
  • New or really nice clothes
  • Cell phones
  • Pets
  • Personal items that have value

Note: Youth are responsible for their own belongings. Wahsega 4-H Center, its staff and Georgia 4-H are not responsible for items lost, stolen or left behind. Cabins will not be locked.

Kitchen Patrol

KP duties in the dining hall consist of setting tables and acting as servers while others eat. When the meal is over, 4-H'ers serving on KP help the kitchen staff clean up by clearing tables, drying bowls and silverware and sweeping and mopping the dining area. Those assigned to KP duty arrive at the dining hall before the meal starts and are the last to leave at the end of the meal. KP duty is assigned on a rotation basis so that everyone will have a chance to serve. Adults should expect to help chaperone the youth who are serving on KP.

Bathhouse Cleaning

Youth clean the bathhouses at the end of the session. About 8 youth plus one adult will be assigned to clean the bathhouse. Bathhouse clean up usually takes less than 20 minutes as long as everyone shows up on time and goes straight to work.

Cabin Cleaning

Youth will clean the cabins before breakfast on the last day of their visit. Wahsega Staff members will check cabins for cleanliness and let the adults in each cabin know if their cabin passes inspection or not.

Trash and Recycling

Please throw trash in a trashcan and recycle aluminum cans and plastic water bottles. Youth who are not assigned to bathhouse cleanup will help with grounds cleanup on the last day before leaving.

No Housekeeping Service Available

There is no cleaning service for the bathhouses or cabins. If bathhouses and cabins become littered with clothes and other debris, Wahsega staff will not clean it up. It is the responsibility of the 4-H club members to keep bathhouses and cabins tidy.

Bring a Pillow & Sleeping Bag or Twin Size Sheets & Covers

Pillows or sheets are not provided for our guests. Be sure to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag or twin size sheets and adequate covers for the bunk beds. The cabins are not heated, but a wool blanket is available if needed.

Do Not Forget Toiletries

Towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and other toiletries are not provided. Some of these products may be available for purchase in the Canteen.

Note: Hand soap dispensers are in the Dining Hall restrooms and the hand-washing sink at the entrance to the Dining Hall. No hand soap dispensers are installed in the bathhouses.

Do Not Plan to Wear Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are not allowed while walking around Wahsega! To prevent injury, you must wear shoes that will stay on your feet. Our rule is that sandals with a heel strap, shoes or boots must be worn while outside the cabin, on the way to the bathhouse or while wading in the stream.

Bring Old Clothes & Shoes

Bring old clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. The stream is a great place to go wading; please bring old shoes or wading boots that can be used for attendance in the Stream Ecology class or just for having fun in the stream.

First Aid

Wahsega's First Aid Station only provides Ace bandages, band-aids, water, soap and ice packs. We are not authorized to stock or dispense other supplies or medications. A nurse is not on duty. We will help Agents or Leaders get emergency medical treatment for youth at the hospital in Dahlonega if necessary.


If a child is taking any medication, the medication must be left with an adult who will oversee its use. A refrigerator is available in our First Aid Station for medication that needs to be refrigerated.

Rules for 4-H Club Members

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times even if they are wet.
  2. No swimming without proper supervision.
  3. No throwing rocks.
  4. No pillow fights.
  5. No chewing gum.
  6. No skipping rocks on the pond.
  7. Phones may not be used.
  8. Do not leave your money in the cabin.
  9. Do not enter a cabin other than the one you are assigned to.
  10. Do not harass the water snakes living alongside the stream.
  11. Hurry to KP when the bell rings.
  12. No food or drink in the cabins.
  13. Do not throw trash on the ground.
  14. Observe the curfew.
  15. Do not go off into the forest except during supervised class times.
  16. Do not go beyond the deck near the waterfalls except with adult supervision.
  17. Do not climb on the Climbing Wall except during supervised class times.
    Note: Youth who disobey this rule will be sent home.
  18. Follow any other rules set by your Agents or Leaders.