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Wahsega 4-H Center: Summer Camp: Cloverleaf Camp

Activities & Classes

Get ready for a whirlwind week of Cloverleaf Camp at Wahsega 4-H Center.

General Camp Program Activities

Night Recreation – Many activities are available during Night Rec including:

  • Canteen – Campers can purchase souvenirs and snacks during the first 30 minutes of Night Rec.
  • Soft drinks – The soft drink vending machines are available 24-hours a day and drinks cost $2 each.
  • Rec Hall – Dances and fun games are a tradition at 4-H camp. The party is in the Rec Hall.
  • Arts & Crafts – Craft activities will be available in the classroom.
  • Outdoor sports – Basketballs, volleyballs, Frisbees and footballs are available.
  • Camp Hair – Camp Hair is an activity at Pavilion 4 for campers who wish to get a crazy hair style.
  • Board games – A selection of popular board games is available during Night Rec at Pav 4.

Ultimate Frisbee – Counselors teach the campers to throw a Frisbee and let them practice. Then teams play with rules similar to soccer. Youth of any athletic ability have fun playing this game.

Gold Panning – We celebrate the Gold Rush in Georgia by panning for gold. We purchase gold ore (it looks like sand). Any gold they find they get to keep in small vials that we provide.

Line Dancing – No standing against the wall! Using popular songs and old favorites, counselors teach a variety of line dances to campers during both Night and Day Recreation times.

Talent Show – Hey! If you have talent, show off your talents at the Talent Show. Dancers, singers, actors, piano players or campers with any other talents are encouraged to sign up.

Hillbilly Costume Contest – Campers are invited to dress up in a Hillbilly Costume for the Talent Show. We will award a prize worth $10 in the Canteen to the camper wearing the best costume.

Monday Night Campfire – On Monday night the campers will have a chance to attend a campfire with their Family Group and make S’mores.

Swimming & Waterfalls – During swim times at Wahsega, campers can swim in the pond or slide down the waterfalls.

Water Games – A hot afternoon, 200 kids, a bunch of crazy games and lots of fun and water.

Morning Family Meetings – Start the day with an overview of what’s happening that day. A special visitor may drop by too.

4-H Assemblies – What’s 4-H all about? Recognition of active 4-H’ers and skits gives campers a look at what else 4-H has to offer.

Thursday Night Slide Show – The slide show on Thursday night is a fantastic way to relive the week of camp.

Thursday Night Campfire – The big finale for the week! A fun evening of counselor skits, stories and stunts that everyone will enjoy.


Animal Group Rotations

(All campers have the opportunity to take all classes offered. Note that this is a representative list of classes. The final list has not been determined.)

Low Ropes Challenge Course – These are challenges designed to turn a group of kids into a thinking team. The low-ropes course has structures designed and built for the purpose of developing a team into an efficient and trusting group.

Archery – An introduction to archery. Learn about the gear, shooting techniques and following competition-style commands. Campers have many opportunities to shoot bows and arrows during the class.

Stream Ecology – Campers learn about the wildlife habitat in the creek at Wahsega and have the opportunity to catch small critters with dip nets.

Herpetology – Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. In this class, campers may touch and hold non-venomous snakes in our Herp Lab and turtles at our outdoor habitat called Turtletopia.

Wilderness Survival – What do you do if you are in a situation where you are lost in the woods with no water, food or shelter and the sun is going down? First: Don’t panic.

Forest Ecology – A lot more than just trees. Take a hike over the mountain and look at animal and plant life, soil, geology, water and the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems.


Family Group Rotations

(High-ropes Challenge Course & Tubing. All campers will do all activities.)

Climbing Wall – Wearing a harness attached to a rope and belay system, campers face the daunting challenge of climbing a 35-foot wooden wall with nothing to hold on to but tiny, rocky handholds.

Zip-Line – Climb the pole. Jump. Zip! It’s easy. Campers wearing a harness attached to a belay system are transferred to the Zip-line by a counselor stationed on a platform at the top of the pole.

Flying Squirrel – The camper is the squirrel. Hooked to a rope at their back, campers are lofted 45 feet in the air by a team of other campers pulling the rope. Counselors check safety harnesses and provide direction to the squirrel and belay team.

Tubing – A Wahsega favorite! Campers take a bus to a local river. Tubes and life vests are provided. If tubing is rained out, we go to the Crisson Gold Mine to try panning for gold or to the Dahlonega Gold Museum on the downtown square.

Sports and Recreation – While some campers are participating in the high-ropes challenges, others will be waiting. Instead of just sitting there, they will have the opportunity to participate in indoor and outdoor sports and recreation activities lead by one of our summer camp counselors.